Springside Lawn Replacement
Springside Lawn Replacement – Urban Ecology

This project required a low-maintenance, self-sufficient design that allows for comfortable movement around the space, while still meeting local water regulations.

The challenge is to handle rainfall, and beautify the view.

Rainfall flows away from the home, and nourishes these native plants.

Natural stone, spaced to allow rain to pass into the soil, creates usable space without paving.

This design disguises a natural water treatment system within a charming garden.

project details

square feet:
Bellingham, WA
completion date:
March 2020
landscape materials:
  • Pennsylvania variegated flagstone
  • Spanish Walnut deck
  • Local boulders and river rock
  • trees- Mountain Hemlock, Black Tupelo, Stewartia, Vine Maple
  • native shrubs- Salal, Ferns, Mahonia, Creeping Dogwood
  • rain garden- Juncus patens, Alaskan Iris